Why La La Laundry

La La provides customer-centric modern laundry services run by real laundry specialists who are interested in addressing all of your laundry concerns. La La was founded by Pranai and Lucy, who are also co-founders of Brown Bag Laundry in SoHo, and who have spent the last 10 years perfecting the art of premium garment care. Customers at La La Laundry can resolve all of their garment care needs in our spacious 5,000 sq. ft. space. Personalizing your laundry is not a luxury at La La!

The Real Laundry Guys

Our professionals tackle the chore of designating a full day of watching your laundry load! ‘Well Heeled’ is our all-in-one premium package for the busiest bodies. Our laundry specialists will sort your load, garment by garment, and give it customized care. ‘White Clinic’ is the way to say goodbye to tough stains, ‘Vinegar Shot’ tackles residue, and our ‘Custom Tailor/Alteration’ option makes sure your clothes fit you to a tee. Choose the services that best suit you…and send over your dirty clothes!