No one does laundry better than La La

La La Signature - Personalize Your Laundry

Pick your weapon of choice when tackling your dirty laundry. This package gives you the freedom to choose what works best for you. Don’t hesitate when picking out the extra options for your clothes. Like they always say, “A little luxury never hurt nobody!” With the choices ranging from which detergent to best water temperature, La La Laundry understands every garment deserves special attention. Pick the best to feel the best.

White Clinic

Everyone’s dealt with yellowing sheets. It’s not the BEST look for white sheets. We want to solve that
problem for you with our White Clinic service. We presoak your items with OxiClean to loosen up the built up residue on your fabrics and revive your white sheets after a single wash. If you want clean, crisp white sheets, then this service is for you.

Vinegar Shot

Say goodbye to mold, soap residue and bacteria! Using white vinegar may be an old wive’s tale when it comes to cleaning clothes, but it has definite results. This specific service works great for people with pets or allergies who struggle with fully sanitizing garments they come in contact with everyday.

Well Heeled

La La’s premium, all-in-one service for the busy bodies. For $2.50 per lb, this service handles all the laundry chores for you. All packages include: Specialty Soap, Separates, Air Dry, Stain Treatment, Delicate Care, and Lint Removal.

Allergy Free Natural Care

Skin sensitivity is a tough obstacle when it comes to laundry. We want to have the best when it comes to our health. La La understands the issue and came up with perfectly formulated, plant-based soaps to
protect your skin and tackle dirty clothes.

Color & Shape Care

No more color-fading, stretching, or shrinking problems for our customers! This specific service uses soap formulated to prevent any fading on your favorite clothes. Without harsh ingredients in our detergents, we guarantee a longer life for each of your garments.

Non-Toxic Organic Dry Cleaning

We are a multi-functional laundry facility, catering to every customer’s needs. Trust us with your clothes for optimal cleaning from our professionals. Prices are subject to change depending on fabric material, so don’t hesitate to give us a call before you book your dry cleaning services.

Custom Tailor & Alteration

Our professional tailors custom fit your clothes they way they should be. From the smallest hem to altering the overall shape of the garment, La La’s team provides the best solution to all your alteration challenges. Look your best with clothes tailored by the best!